El Paso Children's Photography

I love photography for the beauty that I encounter.

I love photography because your story is priceless. 

I see how amazing my loved ones are - my family is my legacy. But sometimes I hesitate. I put off capturing today until today is gone. Can you relate?

My job is to lay your hesitations to rest. I can empower you to embrace who you are, today. I have some tricks up my sleeve to make you look fabulous. I am no stranger to rowdy little boys. This is what I do. I show you how amazing you are, and then we show it to the world. Are you ready to get started? 

Liz Houser

My name is Liz and I absolutely adore taking pictures of all things beautiful.  I bought my first DSLR camera in 2012, and I've been hooked ever since. I consider it a privilege and a blessing to capture the people and relationships that are important to my clients.  My mission is to create photographs that will be treasured for generations.  I'm always up for a good adventure and meeting new people. I would love to hear from you!


El Paso Family Photographer